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All of your entertainment needs can be taken care of by our team of consultants, you can choose from a variety of options like live music, DJs, games, dancers and many more.

Explore Our Entertainment Options

DJ Music

With some of the best DJs in Miami for events, Biscayne Lady cruises don’t just offer great music; we know how to create a flawless event. Our entertainers have full knowledge of all types of music genres, including top 40, hip hop, disco, latin, rock and house music.

Live Bands

With some of the best live music for events in Miami, our wide variety of bands is sure to offer the type of music you might be looking for your special event. There’s just something about live music that takes your event to the next level—make your event stand out with live music!

Vivo Interactive Experience

Vivo is sure to take your event from ordinary to spectacular! Vivo is a dynamic concept that was developed to give a one-of-a-kind visual and musical touch to your event. Vivo combines a professional DJ along with a vocalist and/or a variety of instruments that will create a fun, interactive experience for your guests.

Wine Casino

We’ve combined the high-stakes world of casinos with the delectable world of wine, beer, and chocolate to create our own scintillating universe! This is an educational, interactive, and hilarious initiation around unique tasting games involving our senses and memory. Includes wines, chocolate, beer, a tasting glass for each guest and plenty of prizes!


If your event includes wine lovers, this will make your cruise unforgettable! A professional sommelier introduces you to the world of wine, combining fun facts and a quick wit. Exchange jokes around the table, charm your palate, and find out who is the ultimate expert! The tasting will include wine, champagne, whiskey, rum, tequila, beer, chocolate, and cheese.

Wine Making Academy

This is a can’t-miss experience for wine lovers! Guests on your cruise event will pair in teams, competing to create the best signature blended wines. This is best suited for smaller groups since you will be working in groups of six to create your own bottle, label and blend of wine.

Casino for Prizes

Nothing turns your event into an adventure like a casino theme! Add the excitement of a casino party to your next event. Imagine how much your guests will enjoy the realistic environment of a private casino set up during your event. Our dealers can tally up the totals at the end of the evening to declare the winners on board.

Cigar Roller

Nothing says “high-life Miami style” quite like cigars! The Cigar Roller service comes with a desired amount of cigars. The cigars will be hand rolled throughout your event by some of the most decorated and experienced rollers in the United States. Experience the culture and art that has carried on for centuries before your very eyes. Savor the taste, smells, and spirituality that comes from the art of cigar rolling.

Caricature Artist

Make your special event unforgettable with a take home memento for each of your guests! Our professional caricature artist has more than 25 years of experience drawing our guest’s cartoon portraits. He makes it a point of getting an animated, yet flattering likeness for all guests. It’s a great way to give your guests a great memory to take home.

Silent Disco

The silent disco option is one that guests will talk about forever! Offering up to three different audio experiences for your guests to enjoy simultaneously, the silent disco is cutting edge entertainment. You’re able to have the DJ pumping music on the sky deck while you have the TV broadcasting that night’s big sports event or a movie in the lounge. These headphones allow guests to listen in on any of these experiences from anywhere on the yacht.

Audio Visual

Add sound and lighting equipment for all of your conference needs. Our audio visual package comes with podium and microphone set up, and LCD projector and screen as well as a plasma TV screen. Make your conference impactful and memorable with our audio visual package.


There’s no better way to capture a memorable night than with a professional photo! Sure, we know you’ll be taking photos all night long on your smart phones—but you’ll want to have professional shots to capture your magical night. We can provide welcome aboard photos, a photographer on board to commemorate your event or a photo booth.

Customize Your Event

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